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Eldeco Live By The Greens Sector 150 Noida: Floor Plan

Eldeco Live Greens 2 BHK Apartments Floor Plan
Eldeco Live Greens 2 BHK Flats Floor Layout
Eldeco Live Greens 3 BHK Apartments Floor Plan


Eldeco Live by the Greens in Sector 150 offers an impeccable residential floor plan that reflects the essence of modern living. Each aspect of the floor plan has been carefully crafted to provide residents with a comfortable and spacious living environment that is filled with natural light and excellent ventilation.

Here's what makes the residential floor plan of Eldeco Live by the Greens stand out:

Spacious Rooms: The floor plan boasts generously sized rooms, ensuring that residents have ample space for their daily activities and to create their own cozy retreats. Whether it's the bedrooms, living areas, or dining spaces, you'll find room to breathe and relax.

Abundant Natural Light: Proper sunlight is essential for a healthy and cheerful living space. The floor plan of Eldeco Live by the Greens prioritizes natural light, making sure that each room is well-illuminated during the day. Say goodbye to dim and gloomy interiors.

Optimal Ventilation: Good ventilation is key to maintaining a fresh and comfortable atmosphere indoors. The floor plan is designed to maximize airflow, ensuring that you enjoy a breath of fresh air in every corner of your home.

Well-Placed Windows: Properly positioned windows not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space but also contribute to the overall functionality of the rooms. The windows in Eldeco Live by the Greens are strategically placed to offer scenic views and abundant natural light.

Private Balconies: Many units feature private balconies, providing a perfect spot to unwind, enjoy a cup of coffee, or simply take in the views of the surrounding greenery. It's your own personal outdoor sanctuary.

Modern Kitchen Design: The heart of every home, the kitchen, is designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Modern kitchens in Eldeco Live by the Greens come equipped with the latest amenities and a contemporary design that makes cooking a joy.

Well-Appointed Washrooms: The floor plan also pays attention to the design and layout of washrooms, ensuring that they are not only functional but also stylish and comfortable.

In summary, Eldeco Live by the Greens, Sector 150, offers thoughtfully designed residential floor plans that prioritize space, natural light, ventilation, and functionality. It's a place where you can truly feel at home, with rooms that are more than just living spaces—they're spaces to create lasting memories."




  Site Add: SC-02/A9, Sec 150, Noida, UP
  Office Add: Unit No F- 5, Plot No C-1 Urbtech NPX Tower, Sec-153, Noida
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